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Photo Art by Andi Villegas

Specializing in portrait photography.

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If there were gold stars to give - I would give 10. Andi is a very special photographer that is gifted in getting the most out of her subjects without them even knowing they are "posing." I had her photograph my daughter and family. My daughter was a new mom just home a week from the hospital. Although I take pictures too, it was nice for once to be in the pictures and not always just taking them. They were the most special pictures I could imagine. She involved the whole family and knew just what to say and and do to get the most memorable pictures of a very special time. My grandson loved them so much he wanted one to put in his backpack so he could remember his new baby sister and his mom and dad.

I Invited Andi a week later to come take pics of me with my furbabies. Once again - she did not disappoint. I now have memories to last a life time of me with my 4 legged kids in pics I could have never gotten myself.

She is awesome. Spend some time with her and you'll see - her pics truly are greater than words. . . .

If you're looking for a family photographer, this is who did ours. She's awesome and fun, great prices and kept my 2 year old and 9 month old happy and engaged (not an easy task). It felt like play time, not picture time. The pictures I got were great, no sales package pitches and she was super creative with our poses. Hope it helps your search.

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